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What is Retail Recalibration?

Retail Recalibration is a series of 5 parts that when calibrated correctly assist retail bricks and mortar stores to create a Retail Model that can bring greater success and longevity.

Retail has come under fire in recent times due to higher than anticipated online consumerism (consumption), extended (but unsupported) shopping hours, and a realization that this modeling is fundamentally flawed and must be changed right now.

Belinda has developed a 5-part calibration scoreboard, that gives a store owner, Managing Director or a board of directors a guide to where their bricks & mortar store needs recalibrating.

Speaking Engagements

Belinda’s hot topic right now is Retail Recalibration because it is urgent and it’s real. The current model of retail in Australia is very broken and something must be done and soon. The statistics speak for themselves with in excess of 160 retail businesses closing their doors forever during the first few months of 2020.

Belinda will speak at your event in person or on line to explain her Retail Recalibration method and show you many options and alternatives to the current system. Drastic times require drastic measures. Belinda is the speaker for your audience to hear some hard truths and what to do about the current retail climate. It’s time to recalibrate your bricks & mortar store.

How can we help you achieve success?

How will a Retail Recalibration help you?

Retail Reimagined. Retail Recalibration.

My mission is to help create the extraordinary in the bricks and mortar Retail Space. My promises are designed with this in mind.

Be more effective, efficient and successful.

Improve the quality of your leadership team and unlock the owner’s manual for your brain.

Learn the success secrets of top achievers and get the success you want.

Become an effective communicator at work and in personal relationships.

Wake up every day even more excited and into life than you were the day before.

Take control of your future and discover how to be even more confident.

Take on a deep, unshakable sense of your own self worth.

Become optimistic, motivated and driven to go after the things that you want in life.

Keynote Speaking

Belinda will leave your audience motivated and ready to reach new heights after hearing about Retail Recalibration.


Professional Consultancy

The cornerstones of success:
Clarity | Strategy | Growth | Legacy

Facilitating & Training

Being of service to others is the highest calling of humanity. Providing Excellence in Customer Service is the best way to show it.

Personal Coaching

How you turn up in life, is how you turn up at work, make it your best.


Great Goals + Brilliant Plans = Rich Results!

All Programs are available for Groups or Individuals, lets talk about how I can best serve your needs, and give you best value possible.

Keynote Speaker


$1650 (1 on 1 – Intensive)

Conference Speaker

Practical, hands on workshop style Break-out session provides participants with tools tips and take outs that they can implement straight away into their business.

6 Month Program – $6600
3 Month Program (Intensive) – $5500

Calibration Audit

Knowing exactly where you are and where you want to be, are key to creating strategies that will help you achieve the results you desire.

$1650 (1 on 1 – Intensive)

Management Training


$1650 (1 on 1 – Intensive)

Team Onboarding

This online program helps you become more in touch with YOU. Find your tribe of supporters and be comfortable with you are, wherever you are on your journey. 

Half day Program – $1650 (Max. 8 People)
Larger Groups by Appointment

About Belinda Shaw

Belinda has been described as strong, sassy, wise, brave and a BIG picture, out-of-the-box thinker. She lives by the theory that the thinking that created a problem most definitely won’t solve it.

Belinda has enjoyed hugely varied work experiences, the common thread throughout all has been her ability to communicate to a wide audience on a range of topics and connect in meaningful ways.

Never one to sit for too long, or once a challenge has been met, Belinda now engages with Retailers to recalibrate their bricks and mortar stores, using her 5-part Retail Recalibration process.

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“Choosing to spend time with Belinda Shaw has been hugely beneficial to both me and my business. Her ability to identify challenges, provide even more options for adding value and highlighting how clarity and direction can be achieved with some simple steps and structure has allowed me to see my business through a different lens.

Her workshops deliver transformations and her sessions challenge your current thinking patterns…. Especially effective where these patterns aren’t getting the results you want.

I recommend Belinda Shaw to those in my networks and hope they get to see first-hand how change can be created when working together.”

Paul Farmer

Managing Director, Mentoris Group

Belinda has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to commitment to the success of others. As a direct result of working with Belinda I’ve had several shifts in my thinking – I now realize that it’s my choice, what I focus on, and that what I focus on is going to shape not only what I feel but also what I get!

This is extremely valuable to me because feeling positive about myself and my situation has a big impact on how I function on a day to day basis.

Since working with Belinda I feel I am really on my way back to being my old self. I am able to stand “Porter at the Door” to my own thinking, and only let in the thoughts that are going to serve me; not hold me back in the past. It is so important, to me, to be able to set my sights on the future, and all the good that can come into my life, along with all the good that I can contribute to others, so that I can live my best life possible, every single day!

Adam B. Rowson

Belinda has coached me on a wide range of topics over our sessions and consequently, demonstrated fabulous flexibility. She has been instrumental in allowing me to create some of the desired outcomes I want in my life through her curious and genuinely interested questioning.

Her patient and understanding manner put me at ease which allowed me to come to some powerful realisations on a subconscious level.

She has the admirable trait of being an active listener without judgement and practises appropriate and relevant use of self-disclosure which enhances the coach-client relationship.

Belinda is a person of warmth, authenticity and integrity.

Jane Beams

CEO, My Ideal Self Project


Retail Recalibration Scorecard




My latest book

We all have built in resilence. Belinda’s book will help you discover your Resilent R.O.A.R.

Recalibrate your Retail store(s) NOW.

Set Your Goals.

Discover Your Resilient R.O.A.R.

Reward Yourself.

I promise…

To connect with your audience large or small, give them tools, tips and doable activities to set in motion straight away, so your Retail Recalibration is in swing immediately.

I promise…

A unique coaching experience that is often the talk of the town. We bring playfulness, humour, and even dancing (badly), on occasion to our sessions.

I promise…

The quality of the training materials, which have been amassed over many years will get results.

Discover the Retail Recalibration model that works for you today

Don’t wait any longer.

If not now – when?     If not you – who?

It’s now and it’s urgent – Your store needs recalibrating today.


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